Waseda University (JCulP program) Overview and Success Stories


About Global Studies in Japanese Cultures Program (JCulP)

Summary from Waseda University official website↓

The School of Cultural Planning at Waseda University has established the Global Studies in Japanese Cultures Program (JCulP: International Studies in Japanese Cultures Program), an English-language degree program in the School of Cultural Planning, to foster human resources who can study Japanese culture from an international perspective and disseminate the results of their studies to the world at large, starting in the 2017 academic year. Global Studies in Japanese Cultures Program (JCulP)” has been established.

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Global Studies in Japanese Cultures Program(JCulP:国際日本文化論プログラム)
早稲田大学 文化構想学部 オフィシャルサイト。教育理念、論系の紹介、カリキュラムといった総合案内のほか、受験生・在学生・卒業生の方へ向けた、さまざまな情報を発信しています。

All JCulP classes are conducted in English.

Admission System

JCulP has two types of entrance examinations: OS (Overseas students) and JS (Japanese students). (As of 2023 Entrance Examination)

Entrance Examination for Overseas Students→Students who graduated from international schools in Japan or abroad.

Japanese Student Entrance Examination → Graduates of Japanese Ichijyo schools

The most recent multiple is 3.8 times.

Features of JCulP

  1. International Curriculum
    The program incorporates an international perspective, allowing students to deepen their understanding of Japanese culture while interacting with students from different countries and cultures.
  1. specialized classes

Specialized courses are offered in Japanese culture and may focus on language, art, history, literature, and other areas. Students can also learn about research topics of their own interest.

  1. language skills

Since all classes are conducted in English, Japanese students can improve their English language skills.

For overseas students, JCulP programs may include Japanese language study, and one of the purposes of the program may be to provide opportunities for international students to improve their Japanese language skills.

  1. study abroad programs

Some programs offer students the opportunity to study at a host university for a period of time. Double degree programs (Double degree program) are also available to JCulP students at the host university.

My passing experience

As for the author’s experience, I felt that the learning from the lessons related to Japanese culture more than 10 years led to my success in the program.